Friday, October 25th, 2013

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Remarks by Cristina Panait (AFIT), Cristiana Cobliș (ATR), Florin Zori (AFIT)

Keynote speaker: Stefan GentzFacilitator: Doru Voin (VTT)

Machine Translation is the big hot topic on translation industry conferences around the world. Machine Translation Providers do not become tired to preach that MT will “just add new business possibilities”. That Translators will not lose their job. That it’s just a shift of processes as we already saw it when Translation Memories conquered the market. That it’s just another tool in the translator’s toolbox.
In a roundtable this year I asked LSP CEOs from all over the world what the translation industry will look like in 2020. Especially in terms of MT. Surprisingly enough they answered unisono that “the vast majority of jobs” will be built on Machine Translation and that the job profile of translators will completely change. Many other CEOs that I interviews this year agreed on this position on different degrees.
Talking to translators the picture gets another shade. Comments range from “suboptimal quality” to “complete crap”. And one translator compared developers of MT technology with the developers of the atomic bomb.
This presentation debunks myth about MT and dives into classic Change Management. Do we want to deal with MT? And if so, how do we manage this transformation in a successful way?

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Keynote speaker: Eva-Maria LeitnerFacilitator: Doina Diaconu (Diamondo)

From the lonesome wolf to big teams - the translation industry is moving fast. Which role do standards play? Is it true that customers define quality or is it up to the industry to define it? Can standards help us providing high quality in our services? And if so, what else is needed to ensure delivery of the required quality?
The presentation will not only answer these questions but also give an overview of the most recent projects in the standards community.

Speaker: István Lengyel, CEO, KilgrayFacilitator: Oana Dorobanțu (Casa de Traduceri)

Standards, interoperability, compatibility. There is a lot of technical talk about these. But can we achieve a situation where different tools are processing each others' formats, and nobody can notice that? Do we lose anything if we are using tools other than what customers are using? Do translation technology providers actually want a full compatibility? In my presentation I'll look at the process perspective of interoperability and present it with a couple of real-life stories and anecdotes.
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Keynote speaker: Renato BeninattoFacilitator: Laurențiu Constantin (TIS)

What drove the translation industry 20 years ago? How about 10 years ago? Are we living the future that we planned for ourselves? Renato Beninatto gives his perspective on how to conduct your business in a constantly changing environment by focusing on key elements of the translation industry that remain constant over time.

Speaker: Nancy Radloff, Business Development Manager for the EMEA, PlunetFacilitator: Cristi Roșu (Casa de Traduceri)

Plunet BusinessManager: The Business & Translation Management System for Translation Companies
Find out how you can manage your translation and business processes efficiently and successfully with Plunet. The hands on tool demo will mainly focus on aspects like project, workflow and resource management as well as automation, interoperability and quality assurance.

16:00 > 16:30 ◊ Coffee break & networking

Keynote speaker: Cristina VargaFacilitator: Florin Zori (Asco)

There is an ongoing interconnection between training translators in universities and the market requirements. Universities adapt to market requirements so that graduating translators could be successfully absorbed by the market by finding their desired job. To match this conference’s main focus, this presentation aims at emphasizing good practices exemplifying how translators and companies hiring translators have managed to set up mutually beneficial collaboration, where they can win together.

Speakers: Florin Zori (AFIT), Cristiana Cobliș (ATR)Facilitator: Laurențiu Constantin (TIS)

Remarks by Cristina Panait (AFIT), Cristiana Cobliș (ATR), Florin Zori (AFIT)


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The Forum will take place at Capital Plaza, in Bucharest.

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